Just what is Unhurried?

“What do you do?” – is an oft repeated question that pops up during polite conversations among relations or long lost friends trying to catch up.

So I start a story of how I left IT (Information Technology) and the world of software programming and jumped into the Entrepreneurs’ bandwagon and started Unhurried (well, not exactly ‘jumped’, it took several years of thinking and coffee!). 

Then I get interrupted – “That’s all fine, but what is your main job?” or “Just what is Unhurried? I mean the name is vague – you should be more specific, for e.g., Bangalore Heritage walks or something” or even worse – 

“Oh, you have made your money in IT, so this is your hobby, then? Cool!”. 

Just what is Unhurried?

To answer that, let me ask you a question. When was the last time you went on a holiday abroad? 

Booked a hotel? check.

Booked the flight? check.

Flew to London. What a city! The London walks are superb!

Went on a package tour through Europe – so many countries, so different and yet amazing together.

Flew to Alexandria, Egypt – wow, what a tour! Why dont we have such tours back home?

Through Unhurried, I aim to touch just that genre – the diverse culture and history of South India. Through walks, tours, stories, experiences, meeting people, eating food – getting to know South India just the way you get to know Cambodia or Egypt or Paris or London. 

Why Unhurried?

Its a perspective. Just stand still where you are. Look around you. Its the same old place with the same old people. But if you sit back and relax, stories and memories will flood in. 

Its the same with a tour in India or its microcosm in Bangalore. What’s there in Bangalore to visit? At best, one can go to Nandi hills. Right? Wrong. In a travel agents’ language, I aim to create interesting Inbound heritage & culture tours.  

So what does Unhurried offer?

Join a walk. Unhurried conducts both private, customized walks based on your requirements or a shared published walk.

Take a tour. South India is not just Madras(Chennai) or Bangalore or Kerala. I organize conducted tours based on your time, and requirements.

Who is it for?

Anyone(locals, expats, tourists)

  1. curious about the city’s(Bangalore) history and/or culture
  2. want to do an offbeat tour in Karnataka or Tamilnadu (stay at homestays, visit hinterlands)
  3. want to do a ‘normal’ tour visiting the known places but with a local experience

Workshops and Outings for Children

I believe the young ones understand and hence appreciate the richness of India’s rich history and culture. Unhurried conducts workshops, half day or full day outings for children from seven and above. These outings and workshops are exploratory and designed for the young.

If you represent a school or are a group of parents who want to have a fun outing with children, contact me.

Anything else?

If you want to do something that you don’t find on this website, shoot an email. Glad to help.

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